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Conscious design is created in partnership with environmentally responsible brands in the pursuit of a healthier home. One that embraces natural living that enhances but also creates a community while working towards a greater good for our world.

Conscious design continues to be an emerging and powerful philosophy that spans everything from architecture and construction to product development and lifestyle. 

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Integrate is a values driven collective 
and a platform for change.


Our partners have a shared ambition to bring communities together to support sustainable and conscious design. 

We operate as a collective of like-minded businesses finding new and innovative ways to support our clients' needs.

We believe in partnership, not profit.

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We believe beautiful design can be accomplished sustainably and with materials that are better for humanity.

We are inspired by a minimal Danish perspective reimagined for the modern American home.

We take pride and care in everything we do.

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Interior Designer and passionate believer that good design has the power to change the world, Beth founded Integrate with the simple mission to make the home a healthier and more ethical place to be. Backed by Healthy Material Lab at Parsons, Beth continues to pioneer the emerging field of conscious and healthy home design.

While working residential projects, She created a healthy home service after developing severe allergies from her 10+ years spent in the field designing other people’s homes - exposing herself to toxins such as mold & dust mites.

Life as she knew it was changed indefinitely, and though, it was a rough reality to adapt to, so she decided to make it her goal to provide a service to help people thrive, not just survive.

The spaces Beth creates allow one to re-activate, re-store, and re-connect through conscious living with refined fell good items and routines that help clients live better healthier lives.

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